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Originally Posted by DaveyT View Post
Just reporting in. I've been having some anxiety attacks after my recent unpleasant experience but I'm dealing with it. I think the anxiety problems are basically the emotions working their way out so despite them feeling awful I think this is a positive thing. My sleep has been suffering, it's around 4am here and I still don't feel like sleeping. I guess that's another symptom. I'm not drinking, I keep feeling the need but I also feel like I'm in control. I'm hoping this unpleasant situation I witnessed will wear off soon, because this weird sleep pattern I'm having isn't very helpful for recovery.
I have suffered from insomnia much of my life. I know what you mean in your last sentence.

I just finished dealing with an awful situation, and spent many sleepless nights. If I can't sleep dry documentaries on subjects I find interesting help. Something about an hour of the same narration seems to be the key. And if I don't sleep during it, at least I learned something. Some nights I'll watch 5 on one subject. Or like last night I fell asleep twice during one I'm really interested in.
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