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#1) keep you and the kids safe
#2) if he comes around again under the influence, do not hesitate, call 911. do not attempt to talk to him, reason with him, or let him in the house.

Is Spice Safe?
There are many side effects from smoking synthetic marijuana that can be the same or worse than those of real weed. Reports indicate the side effects of Spice use may be similar to marijuana such as elevated mood, relaxation and altered perception – these being the more ‘pleasant’ effects. However, other less pleasant side effects from K2 include psychotic symptoms, paranoia, increase anxiety and hallucinations – increasingly reported to be even more severe after smoking Spice than after smoking marijuana. Other negative effects of smoking incense include increased heart rate, agitation, vomiting, seizures, uncontrollable body movements, lack of emotional attachment, sweating and loss of control, red eyes and dry mouth. One side effect not shared with marijuana is increased hunger. Many herbal incense users report a lack of appetite when using the drug.
It’s Not Really That Bad, Is It?
Reactions, or side effects, from smoking Spice can also be fatal in some cases. This can be quick, for example after smoking just the once, or happen after many experiences with the drug. Spice, K2 and related legal highs have been implicated in several cases of kidney failure and heart attacks. Testimonials from users – both regular and those who used it only one time – speak of hallucinations, suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions, intense fear and paranoia. There are several cases where synthetic weed has been implicated in deaths from suicide, or accidental means. Spice causes reduced blood flow to the heart, also known as myocardial ischemia, which can cause both damage to the heart, or a heart attack. There have also been reports of long term damage to mental health status with continuing hallucinations appearing after several months of trying the drug.
As a legal high, it could be assumed that there is no risk of addiction to spice – a common side effect to any drug. This is not the case. Some first time users may find that the intensity of the side effects, particularly the negative side effects such as hallucinations, are enough to stop them from trying Spice or its derivatives again. Others will crave the intensity of the effects of Spice just as one would from some “hard core drugs” like heroin, crack, and pain killers. Serious withdrawal symptoms are common in regular users who stop smoking fake weed.
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