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Gracy- Hugs to you. You have a right to be uneasy when he goes out with friends. He has lied and cheated on you. Frankly it woulf be just dumb to trust this man. What you need to do- and this is extremely hard to do- is try to detach from him completly. This man is mentally abrusive to you. If he would leave, I think you would find peace. I would not question him about anything he does. Basically ignore him aND MAKE A LIFE fOR YOU AND YOU CHILDREN AND YOUR DOG. If he gets in you face, tell him you are busy and walk away. If a man has cheated and wants to stay married, the standard treatment is for him is to account for all his actions until you feel safe. This is not going to happen with your husband. He does not care. Sorry to be so blunt. I hate to see such a loving compassionate person like you being dumped on. dax
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