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First post. Not sober. Yet?

Hi everybody, my drinking has become an issue to the extent that it is threatening my marriage. My wife told me to find out about drinking alcoholsim, options, etc. and present her with a plan to get my drinking under control. (she doesn't want me to quite, necessarily, just to drink less and control my binge drinking). I don't drink every day, maybe nearly every other day, 3-4 days a week, but maybe 1-2 times a week I drink to get drunk.

Like all drinkers, the idea of never drinking again does not appeal, and if there is a moderation program with a good track record I would be interested to know about it.

But I haven't had much success with moderation in the past, and maybe my fear / dislike of never drinking again is a sign that I am an alcoholic and that moderation is not an option.

Reading some of the stickies, I feel that I am in the middle stage of alcoholism. I am ashamed that I ended up this way, and obviously don't want things to get any worse.

I love fine wine - is it okay to drink wine occasionally?

I love getting drunk - is it okay to get drunk occasionally?

Is it acceptable to put limits on potentially harmful behaviour to stop it occurring frequently? For example, can I drink red wine and champagne, but only if it is over $50/bottle? Is it okay to get drunk on special occasions, max. 4 times per year, and once the quota is up you have to wait until the 12 months is up?

Would this be moderation?

Am I just fooling myself?

Having lurked for a week or so this seems to be a forum with a lot of experience and knoweldge. I'd really appreciate and value any answers/contributions/thoughts.


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