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Originally Posted by wicked View Post

Too many lights huh?
Do you love that road? I think you have special feelings for that road.
You can tell us. No judgment here. The road with too many lights.
I have one too.
It's called Woodward Ave. Goes straight downtown, and no aggressive pinheads like they are on I-75. 50 is the speed and it is strictly enforced (when going thru the good neighborhoods.) I do miss my road.
We will be together soon. I will get my license back (registration and insurance problems, not DUI) and I will ride up and down Woodward Avenue like there's no tomorrow. Sigh.....
Don't let him know about the special road, he will become jealous and you know what that will lead to......


My ex thought I took my road to get pulled over and get him in trouble. Idiot. Why would I want trouble from the cops? I hate authority, it always wins.

I am sorry it has gone back to passive aggressive, geez that is annoying.
Yes, I take that particular road all the time just to **** him off, at least that's what he thinks. Honestly, I take that road just because I think it's easier and I don't really get bothered by the lights. It's only a 1/2 mile of road off the highway and he makes it sound like it's the biggest inconvenience in his life and gets all huffy that I won't get off at the next exit where he would get off. It's like he thinks I'm purposely trying to get under his skin. He just can't agree to disagree and he ALWAYS HAS TO HAVE THE LAST WORD. I'm finally at the point where I can let him, thank goodness!
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