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The rational recovery site I visited told the viewer to ďforget aboutÖ nonsense jargon like relapse, triggers, and alcoholicĒ. It has disparaging things to say about other ways of getting sober. This is understandable given the framework within which it works and I say that to in no way to be critical of the method. Iím sure it has worked for many. It is, however, necessary to view things from that perspective in order to improve the chance(s) of success. As TU pointed out there are even ways to interpret slogans found in AA that are in keeping with the rational recovery method.

AA only requires 1 thing. A DESIRE TO STOP DRINKING. Yes youíre going to hear the word God in a meeting but it does not mean you need believe. If other people expressing THEIR beliefs in front of you is difficult, then it might be a problem to respectfully listen (or at least not speak at the same time). You're also going to hear suggestions that have helped others.

Itís not commonly known but the main person to write the AA basic text took LSD, multiple times, in the 50ís (before it was illegal). He was looking for a way a way to bring a spiritual experience, to people who just could not seem to get it any other way. Lots of people in AA think thatís a dirty little secret. I donít. Within the context of the time that it happened it showed the lengths to which a founder of the AA program would go to help a suffering alcoholic. In my opinion it also showed a lot of open mindedness. But thatís just my opinion.

My opinion is also that you try something, ANYTHING, and do it with abandon. If it does not work move on to something else and try even harder. If you are spending your time on this site reading then both you and the world will be a better place without your drinking.
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