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If you have never been to a meeting then it is hard to know what you want from NA and whether you want to do the steps or not. So just relax about it.

I am no longer in NA, but in NA and AA they always said the only step you absolutely-must-no-question-about-it do is the first one--admitting that you have a problem you cannot control. And if you are checking out NA, I suspect you have already done that one.

But they are steps---meaning you don't just sit and do them all. Everything is one-at-a-time. One day at a time. Focus on where you are right now and what you need to do right now. Going to a meeting sounds like what you need to do. You may or may not do the steps in the future--but you are not in the future yet, so why worry about that?

Just do what you are doing today, which is going to that one meeting tonight.
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