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Lunch time + bars near work = drinking everyday at lunch

I have developed a super bad habit of drinking at bars during lunch (sometimes getting food at same places). I either get buzzed/drunk and come back to work and try to act normal - or I stay at the bar all day and respond to emails on my phone (thinking it makes me seem like I am at work).

This has gotten really bad - I have gotten into a minor car crash ("not my fault" and not busted for Dui), verbally abused loved ones, came back to work and attended a meeting drunk in which my boss was pretty suspicious of my behavior. I have not done the liquid lunch thing for the past two days, but am very afraid of this new habit. Its all too easy to do, and that's very dangerous for me.

I stopped drinking for over a year before but now drink pretty often during lunch. I usually sober up mostly by late evening and my wife only knew once - but this is BAD!!!!!! Anyone else have this particular problem with lunch time?
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