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Originally Posted by dancingnow View Post
I feel like I have been abandoned by my AH and yet I really don't like being with him.

Someone posted time points when alcoholics relapse. Do you think it might be the same for codies?
Yes and yes...Hello!! Welcome to my head.

When I really get to missing the RAH - now 7 months sober - I spend a little time with him and something he says makes me angry (usually its the little misquoted and misunderstood AA stuff he's learning) and I realize I don't like him very much and then my heart says 'what?' you are MARRIED to this guy remember how perfect he was 4 years ago? And then my head steps in and reminds me of what a jerkface he was when he was drinking and how he rarely calls me even though he's sober...oh can get the picture here...its crazy! CRAZY!

Yes, I relapse several times a day.

I have developed some coping skills for when that happens and these are not in order, just a list.

1.I DON'T CALL HIM when I feel crazy.
2. I write it all down first, then read something inspiring or a daily meditation (Courage to Change, One Day at a Time)
3. Take a walk, run, bike, ski...anything to release some endorphins
4. Call someone else (Mom, sponsor, friend, post here) if I can't let go of the urge to talk
5. Turn on the TV, surf the internet, anything that is an instant distraction
6. Attend Al-Anon meetings regularly (at least 2x a week)
7. Laugh at myself for feeling crazy. It happens. Its normal. And often, its a full moon when I feel craziest! Like this week...

Hang in there. Each day I get a little less crazy.

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