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Wink Step #11 - {Improve Contact** Prayer & Meditation

Steps 1-10 have prepared me to move on to Step 11.
"We Sought Through Prayer and Meditation "TO IMPROVE"
Our Conscious Contact With God...." To Improve means to me I have some reference points in my Recovery. In Step Two I started to Believe in a Higher Power. In Step Three I decided to allow this power which I call God to run the show to the best of my ability. In Step Five I shared my secrets and assets to God and another person. In Step Seven I ask in the spirit of Humility....And Now in the 11th Step I'm asked To Improve My contact with this Power that has kept me clean and allowed me to relapse and come back...... Ready to 'DO' the 'WORK' I need to do. We all hear in meetings how Steps 10-12 are maintenance Steps. Rightfully so. We read in the Basic Text on page 44 that..."We learn to maintain our lives on a spiritually sound basis". There is so much that can be said about this Step that I feel inadequate...But this is just a little part of my experience, strength, and hope..We can all add to what Ive said in This Step and previous Steps. My Sponsor and I spoke for hours on this Step and we were just touching on some of the major points.... What is Prayer ? What is meditation ? One thing I have learned in Recovery is that we all have a right to feel, think, and believe whatever it is we want to believe. This is not a Religious program. In the Basic Text on page 45-46 It Says..."It is easy to float back out the door on a cloud of religious zeal and forget that we are addicts with an incurable disease". To Be Continued.......Clean
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