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Hi Everyone,
So I have been separated from my exAB for 2 months now. In the last week or so we have been communicating more. Sending messages back and forth and seeing eachother once a week. I've kind of relaxed my boundaries at the moment, I think because I miss my friend.

So he has gone into full relapse now and when I spoke to him the other night he was very upset and kind of lost. I told him that there was nothing I could do to help him and that he needs to talk to his counselors and psychologists and get their advise. He said that they have told him to go back to rehab and that he is scared. I think he is still looking for the magical pill that will solve all his problems.

So I heard from him last night and he was really positive. He said that he had seen a new psychologist and they have said that suboxone is the way to go and they are going to get him started on a program.

I don't really know much about it and I have not really asked any questions but I just wanted to know if any of you had experience with this 'drug' and any side effects and does it work?

I'm trying to disconnect from his addiction/recovery. I don't get drawn into the day to day roller coaster but I am willing to talk to him every couple of days... but he is aware that I cannot help him, I can only be there as a friend. Is this going to work? Or because we were in a relationship for 4 years and were best friends I will just slowly and slowly get drawn back in?

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