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**{hugs}} We've all been there. Felt that same pain and confusion.

Unfortunately, it's the nature of addiction. Getting the drug is first and foremost and takes priority over EVERYTHING in the A's life. Pls don't take it personally.

I think of my ex as one of those rats in those science experiment, the ones they give cocaine to in a dispenser. Eventaully the rats forego food and social interaction and press that lever to get the drug, until eventually they die.

It's sad to think of a human as under that intense of a death grip, but that's how the brain under addiction works.

Originally Posted by TheSeeker View Post
It hurts. It hurts to feel that alcohol is more important than the love of another human being, but I keep telling myself that this isn't really her...I got a glimpse of her when she was doing well, and I fell in love with that person, but she is not the same and it is heartbreaking. I hate it for her and for me, because she really is a special and unique individual.
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