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This is quite eye opening to me as i never really considered that people didnt think they were alcoholic, i guess its because i had exposure to alcoholics from an early age and they were all very successful so i knew an alcoholic didnt necessarily drink everyday and live on a park bench.

I first said i was an alcoholic at 21 and didnt get sober until 38, i dont think i really believed it and to be honest i have always done very well financially so i thought it isnt that bad and lived with it...

Then what happens is the bar lowers, so coming from a binge drinker with the 3 day hangover from hell and the emoitonal hangover that last longer with the going to the gym and eating healthy bit to make up for the binge etc to eventually drinking most days, not caring about physical health, still had all the nice trimmings just shot to **** on the inside!

I know a lady in AA who binge drunk every 2 months, seriously and she came to AA and has been sober over 10 years and is happy as anything...she is now able to pass on her experience to other people like you who have not gone as far as you can go with this a friend said in a meeting there are many rock bottoms and many stops on the track, get off whenever you feel like it!

AA has a solution and if you are willing to work the program you will recover and live a life you thought you never could. I was always going to go to AA but never did, in the days that i would feel bad enough to go to AA after a binge it was always an option but after a short while i felt better and off i went again on another dry spell only to drink again and think maybe i should go to AA but im not that bad and keep repeating that cycle for years...what fun it was!

Go to AA if you really want to recover if not give it a few more days and you will feel better and onto another dry spell, but really you already know how that will turn out...go to a meeting, stop lowering the bar now:-)
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