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Originally Posted by Ghostman View Post
Hi, I came on one time recently,
I mostly was starting to notice a problem with alcohol..
I started getting a bit worse with alcohol and my prescription meds..
I guess I had been a bit down lately with things..
I let them get to me, and I think it is leading to addictive behavior..
I don't like to ask anyone for help tho, that isn't normal for me.

Hi Ghostman. First, I want to welcome you and thank you for sharing. I can understand you not being comfortable with asking for help. That is not an uncommon thing. Perhaps you can just share more things like this. I find that when I'm down, sometimes it's helpful just to share - even if no one immediately responds on the other end. It can help us to think through the issues we're having, and that thinking period gives us time to work through them and find alternate solutions or gain insight from others that can lead to better solutions.

It might also be helpful to journal your thoughts about what you're going through, either privately or publicly. Perhaps a regular blog or a video blog would be a good medium for sharing also.

Please feel free to come back any time if you wish to share what's been getting you down. We're more than happy to offer a little perspective any time.

- Dennis Hansen
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