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Originally Posted by joedris View Post
Lurking in strange alleys to pick up a white chip so nobody finds you're not the person you had them believe you were is not complete and total honesty.
I am ambivalent about your statement Joe.

On one hand I see the need for a professional in a small community to be assured anonymity... and yes we all understand what the second A stands for... But we also know that it's never guaranteed... and if one has a lot riding on it... well??? On the other hand, the OP came here and used the word "hypocrite" in his message title, and, given his post, it certainly seems to propagate the hypocrisy to go to another town for recovery, in his specific case. And hypocrisy and rigorous honesty do not co-exist well.

There is a third perspective not being considered.

I am a fairly high profile "professional" in a small town for nearly 25 years. I go to neighboring communities for AA. I don't consider it hypocritical. I always, every time, even in neighboring towns, run into people that know me. I don't mind. But, sometimes, I just can't share freely... not because of some fear of financial disaster or anonymity breach... but because I have a hard time sharing from the heart when there are young adults present who grew up with my own kids in my own neighborhood and they call me "Mr..."

Maybe someday... But I don't feel that I'm hypocritical. And I don't consider my home group (12 minute drive) to be a dark alley.

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