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WOW, quite a response JoeDris!! Although it seems harsh, you are absolutely correct. It wasn't until practicing openness and honesty in all my affairs daily (to the best of my ability) that I started noticing some changes within myself. Sure there are some white lies or half truths to make myself look better in certain situations, but I am much more aware of them now and can rectify the situation.

As far as the OP, tell me what you are afraid of at your home group/home town meeting. You say it will affect your professional life, but as I see it any of your co-workers who are at this meeting understand what the second A in AA stands for correct? And if they are not adhering to it, they are not working a program and will relapse. And if coworkers are in attendance, wouldn't this be affecting their professional life as well seeing they are seeking help as you are? Maybe I'm not understanding. In any case you are correct, cunning/baffling/powerful as I am finding out more and more on a daily basis while working step 4. Just remember, you will do "WHATEVER IT TAKES" to remain sober. On a lighter note, what is an impaired professional? Haven't heard that phrase.

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