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Originally Posted by FRESHCLAY View Post
In the last 24 hrs, I have come clean about my relapse with my family, my own therapist, my sponsor (also an LPC) and my pastor. I have several other mentors in and out of the program with double digit sobriety, who I am in the process of contacting and informing of my relapse. I have agreed to take a 7 panel drug test 2x/month, do step-work with sponsor, counseling with therapist, couples counseling with my wife, and continue to attend Church 2x/week and AA mtg 2x/week, wife/family night 1x and the other two nights a week I am tied up with work obligations.
You've achieved so much in the last 24 hours. You have made a decision and started to take action. Keep on with the action......and every day you are going to feel so much better.

Those feelings of being a hypocrite will fade quickly as you get back into working the 12 Steps and the fellowship.

Keep in touch.
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