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Originally Posted by sunset2000 View Post
I sat down next to the wife initially. I said "hi" put on my headphones and just played my game. At the final table guess who I was assigned to sit next to? You got it, A-hole to my left and wifey to my right.

Anyway, I'm really glad I had the strength to go and show them I don't back down to threats or really even give a damn. And I was never tempted to drink either, and I'm still not.

In a weird way it encourages me to stay sober even more, because if I was still drinking and acting a fool it would just give them more ammunition. As it stands now, I believe I handled myself with class and dignity and I AM very proud of myself. :-)

Thanks, Lion. You rock, too! Kisses to all.....
All I can say is - congrats mate! What a wonderful post to read - I was worried for you, not that you would drink but having to be in that horrid position at all! I am VERY glad to hear you are proud you, you should be!

Keep up the great work!
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