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I am right there with Keith, I got out of detox and as they suggested I was going to at least a meeting a day and I had a sponsor............ I thought I was doing awesome, then at about 2 months sober something snapped, I came so close to picking up again it was not funny.

Lucky for me I remembered the Old Timers telling some one that the time to take the steps was when they wanted the pain to stop!!!!

Well I was more then ready for the pain to stop, I switched sponsors and started taking the steps, they resulted in a spiritual awakening for me and my obsession to drink was lifted. My life today is way beyond what I thought it would be like.

Meetings and service work for some, but alone they did not work for me, but as it says in the Big Book, I was rocketed into another dimension of life that I never dreamed of, all of this was a result of taking the steps and applying them to all areas of my life on a daily basis.
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