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Keep the attitude of gratitude LadyB. While you are at that AA meeting ask for some ladies phone numbers, I can attest to the value of getting in the habit of clling folks in the fellowship every day even if it is to just say hi and ask how one is doing.

The closest I ever came to relapsing was when I had about 2 months sober, if a drink had of been there I would have drank it, but instead of going and buying something to drink I called one of the guys I had been talking to every couple of days.

I told him what was going on, we spoke for maybe 5 minutes and I was just fine. What did he say? Heck I do not know, the only thing I do know is he knew how I was feeling, he too had been there before and he had not drank because he called some one.

I tell every sponsee right off the bat "Call me before you have the drink, not after!" Well I did get a few calls, but none of my sponsee's (knock on wood) has relapsed yet. One has over 2 years sober and the other 2 have almost 18 months.
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