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Trust in ones self is critical as you say. You know though I have found prayer and meditation along with talking with others I trust about things I am thinking of doing helps me to set my trust level in my own thinking.

My best thinking kept me drunk for many many more years because I could not trust others, I could not ask for help because I felt that I was showing weakness. I reached a point when I was drinking where I trusted no one, especially myself!!! I had to develop trust and faith in a Power greater then myself and in others, this has helped me to gain trust in myself.

I know that the longer I stay sober and trust in my HP and others I gain trust in myself. I still seek guidance in areas I am uncomfortable with, but I get better by the day figuring out with the guidance of my HP what is the next right thing to do most of the time. I am still learning and will always be learning.
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