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Originally Posted by Midton View Post
It's not so much the frequency of my drinking but rather when I start I can't stop.

On Sunday I'm so hungover, depressed, anxious and ashamed that I can hardly move.

My Saturdays are becoming worse and worse.

Every Saturday I go out with my family to a restaurant. I'll start drinking and want to continue. If I come home I'll just get realy drunk and fall alseep (Previously I'd never drunk alone or at home until I was 27).
If I go out, and I have every week for the past 3 months, bad-ish things are beginning to happen. I don't want to go into the details are they are not really important just that things are getting bad.
Hi Midton,

Glad to see you back my friend & congratulations on one month that is huge.

I just went back & reread your original post, I know you think you want to drink but is it really worth it? I pulled out a few tidbits above, you have done so well. You dont want to go back there do you?

Most alcoholics like to think they can drink, its the great lie that we alcoholics tell ourselves. Please don't listen to it!

Take care & all of the best,

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