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Originally Posted by Alera View Post
Recycle, the reason you don't see more discussions on the alternatives on the disease model here is that most of us agree! We work Secular Recovery programs, and generally prefer to discuss how our recovery itself it going than spending our time breaking other programs apart.
Heavens, I was not talking about bashing other programs. Anything that works that doesn't hurt anyone else, and doesn't just replace one addiction with another I am all for. I am very interested in neurophysiology and how activities such as meditation, prayer, strong emotions, etc, are proving to change the actual physical structure and function of the brain.

Perhaps it is a vain hope, but I hope to restore some of my mind and body someday, and not feel broken. You know what they say, hope springs infernal

Thanks for the welcome. This is an amazing community in all forums.

(Wow I feel good this morning, I have been up since four, it raining, the roof just started leaking, and the cat just puked, I have no complaints.)
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