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Thinking about getting Xanax for anxiety...

So i am 32 days sober I am thinking of ways to help with my anxiety (not from alcohol). I am very stressed out with my current predictament and am trying to find a way to get through it all.

I am a recovering alcoholic and I am going through some legal issues involving DUI's. I am on my 3rd DUI. i got my 3rd while almost completing all of my classes and community service...etc. Then i got my 3rd while still on probation. I obviously decided to wake up and smell the coffee and deal with my alcoholic ways. Let's just say I met Rock Bottom. I don't like him. Now I am dealing with anxiety due to thinking about what is going to happen to me. I am scared. I go to sleep and wake up thinking about these issues. I am trying so hard to deal. I am always stressed. So I am thinking about getting some Xanax. Just thinking...kinda wanted to get everyone's advice first. Thanks.
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