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Originally Posted by bostonluv View Post
I have trouble feeling sorry for celebrities. They have so many resources at their finger tips and get away with so much.
The thing is addictions know no boundaries, be they class, gender, ethnicity, etc... In fact, for better or worse, having resources can often be ticking time bombs for people, especially if they are young and immature and have people all over the place telling them how great they are.

I am by no means famous, but I can get a little taste of it being a foreigner in Japan. It really does get annoying to have strangers stare at you or come up to you (while you're standing taking a pee (OK, I know that only applies to half the population--but you get the idea)) and want to practice speaking English with you. Believe me, you want to scream and find some release and just be able to be the person you know you are and/or who you used to be. Escaping down a bottle, be it vodka or vicodin, is simply a release--something we've all done. In the end, they might have some things easier in life than most, but they still bleed red like the rest of us and still face all the same troubles

Does celebrity excuse addictive behavior? Of course not. Can it explain it? To some extent I'm sure--just as my having been a bartender for years and years could probably to some extent explain my alcoholism. I guess I'm trying to say imagine you had had all the money,resources, and fame in the world you would have ever needed, would that have stopped you from using alcohol and/or drugs? I probably wouldn't be alive.

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