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Interconnected, well hell yes, at the very least we are interconnected by time. I am dam sure we are interconnected in other ways too, and I am sure that there are connections to past people as well. There is something about having children and seeing your parents, grandparents, yourself ....

Then I meet people and I instantly know them ... I watch a TV show and think, "hey that was something I was just thinking about", I come onto SR and read something that is so very, very pertinent to me right at this particular moment in time. Then I see how things just keep revolving ... pattens .... connections .... stuff

BUT not everyone sees the same stuff I do, que sera, that is not a bad thing, I am sure there is stuff that I could be seeing that I don't, depending on where my mind set is.

I do like to find people thinking about the same stuff as me to share with. I just read someone saying that SR really rocks, I am inclined to agree, great place, great people.

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