Rebecca Kovacs

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Rebecca Kovacs is a writer specializing in real life point of view pieces that focus on recovery, life after recovery and how to maintain health and wellness in today's age of addiction. She uses her experience as a writer and background in addiction as tools to help others seeking guidance in recovery

recovering addict keeping busy

3 Ways to Stop Thinking About Drinking

By Rebecca Kovacs

The first thing to understand is that many, many addicts go through this when they first enter the beginning phases of recovery. Continue Reading

alcoholic struggling with suicidal ideation

Alcohol is involved in more than 7,500 suicides that take place in the United States, which is a quarter of all suicides in the... Continue Reading

man takes a morning jog

The transition from rehab to daily life can be daunting, but it's our first step to recovery and sobriety. Continue Reading

man consoling his grieving friend

One of the most painful aspects of addiction is that it can end in death. What do we do to help out a friend who is going throu... Continue Reading

woman on a phone call

How to Tell People You Love About Your Recovery

By Rebecca Kovacs

Going through rehab successfully is a huge accomplishment on its own. When we're finally through, there are inevitably people t... Continue Reading

woman looking forward

Some of us can actually feel guilty about going through rehab. But here's the real deal about our struggle and how to actually ... Continue Reading


Staying sober when a family member is addicted isn't impossible. It only means we have different work to do and situations to a... Continue Reading

grieving woman

One of the hardest parts to swallow about addiction is that it can very likely end in illness or death. Continue Reading

Active addict contemplates whether or not to enter a detox facility

Many fear that quitting drugs or alcohol means going through an agonizing transitional phase. But, proper treatment makes this ... Continue Reading

calendar and hourglass

What does it take to finally quit? Each individual needs to find that extra something that helps them move out of addiction and... Continue Reading