Rebecca Kovacs

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Rebecca Kovacs is a writer specializing in real life point of view pieces that focus on recovery, life after recovery and how to maintain health and wellness in today's age of addiction. She uses her experience as a writer and background in addiction as tools to help others seeking guidance in recovery

distressed man

The Progressive Nature of Drinking Alcohol

By Rebecca Kovacs

Regular consumption of alcohol only perpetuates the vicious cycle of addiction. Continue Reading

active addict is fired from his job for being under the influence

How Addiction Impacted My Work Life

By Rebecca Kovacs

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol makes it much harder to keep a job. Continue Reading

gloomy weather affects our mood

Do Seasons Affect Drinking Cravings?

By Rebecca Kovacs

The seasons can be a tough time for many people in recovery. Some even say the winter season can bring more alcoholic cravings ... Continue Reading

Holidays as an Addict: Comparing Then and Now

By Rebecca Kovacs

That time of year can cause us to swing backwards into a cycle of drinking and depression. Read how one writer found ways to ce... Continue Reading

Holidays aren't just for drinking

How to Deal with the Holidays Without Drinking

By Rebecca Kovacs

Don’t let the holiday lose meaning to you. Remember that the holidays should be a time of family, reflection and peace rather t... Continue Reading

person heading to rehab 1 more time

How My Third Trip to Rehab Became My Final One

By Rebecca Kovacs

We always remember the moments that define us. One woman details hers: the last time she went to rehab. Continue Reading

fatty liver

A Quick Overview of Fatty Liver Disease

By Rebecca Kovacs

Long-term alcohol use is one of the main causes of illness and death due to liver disease. Continue Reading

Man coping with Nifaliophobia

Can there actually be such a thing as a fear of sobriety? Absolutely. And there’s a word for it: Nifaliophobia. Continue Reading

recovering addict keeping busy

3 Ways to Stop Thinking About Drinking

By Rebecca Kovacs

The first thing to understand is that many, many addicts go through this when they first enter the beginning phases of recovery. Continue Reading

alcoholic struggling with suicidal ideation

Alcohol is involved in more than 7,500 suicides that take place in the United States, which is a quarter of all suicides in the... Continue Reading