Rebecca Kovacs

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Rebecca Kovacs is a writer specializing in real life point of view pieces that focus on recovery, life after recovery and how to maintain health and wellness in today's age of addiction. She uses her experience as a writer and background in addiction as tools to help others seeking guidance in recovery

Hepatitis C Virus and Addiction

By Rebecca Kovacs

The hepatitis C virus is a bloodborne infection that is spread through infected body fluids and most commonly, intravenous drug... Continue Reading

New Study Shows That No Level Of Alcohol Is Safe

By Rebecca Kovacs

Is there really any safe alcohol level? Up until currently, it was widely known that small amounts of certain alcohols could be... Continue Reading

Five Inspirational Authors Who are Recovered

By Rebecca Kovacs

It is truly a blessing that some of the finest writers of our time have been able to put word to paper, creating books about re... Continue Reading

Instagram is one of the leading social media websites of our time, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Part of the platfo... Continue Reading

It’s not a secret that life can be a real struggle at times—and every one of us has had our share. Like bumps in the road, ther... Continue Reading

person in recovery breaking free from the chains of addiction

My Personal Journey Towards Recovery

By Rebecca Kovacs

One recovering addict shares how she used time as an ally rather than a detriment during her journey towards recovery. Continue Reading

loved ones reconnecting during the holiday season

How do we go about reconnecting with a loved one while setting boundaries at the same time? Continue Reading

emergency room

Opioid addicts who are either uninsured or have Medicaid often encounter barriers to treatment. Continue Reading

young woman passed out from a night of binge drinking

Drunkorexia. What exactly is it, and what effect does it have on a person? Continue Reading

woman coping with a mental health disorder

BP and BPD are widely stigmatized through public misconception, and lumping the two disorders as one certainly doesn't help. Continue Reading