Nina Bradshaw

Nina Bradshaw is a professionally qualified social worker and therapist in the UK. She earned a Master's Degree in Personality Disorder Studies, a Master's Degree in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and a Master's Degree in Sociology/Social Policy/Social Work.

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Nina Bradshaw is a professionally qualified social worker and therapist in the UK, where she has thirteen years of experience in the mental health field. Nina earned her Masters Degree in Personality Disorder Studies from the University of Central Lancashire, a Master's Degree in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the University of Chester and a Master's Degree in Sociology/Social Policy/Social Work from the Manchester Metropolitan University. She is also in recovery from addiction which gives her a unique perspective on the area of mental health and substance misuse.

Understanding the Non 12-Step Perspective

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The 3 Biggest Fears I Had About Getting Sober

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Have You Heard of the Eight-Step Recovery?

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Using Mindfulness to Overcome Addiction

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How to Collect Yourself After a Relapse

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Sober Night Out

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