Nicole Arzt

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Nicole Arzt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in providing psychotherapy for individuals, families, and groups struggling with substance use disorders and psychiatric illnesses. She received her Master of Science from California State University, Long Beach in 2014. She has extensive experience working in a variety of dual-diagnosis treatment centers, providing services for all levels of care from detoxification to long-term outpatient therapy. Nicole currently works full-time as a therapist utilizing psychodynamic and humanistic work. A passionate writer, she has authored several scholarly articles, blog posts, and professional research centered on addiction and mental health.

2 women at a sober bar

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pregnant woman smoking marijuana

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woman using a recovery app

5 Sober Apps That Can Support Your Recovery

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Explaining the journey to recovery to your child

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opioid addict struggling with suicidal thoughts

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pregnant woman coping with depression

Coping With Depression During Pregnancy

By Nicole Arzt

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