Nancy Burgess

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Nancy Burgess is a registered nurse (RN) with experience with direct patient care and nursing management in an acute care hospital and in independent school settings. After leaving full-time nursing to raise her family, Nancy has since been authoring articles online, mostly medical topics with an occasional diversion to cooking and back-to-school websites. When not working in the medical community or writing, Nancy continues to be a caregiver for two college-age children, a husband, and aging parents. She is a graduate of Laboure College in Boston, MA, where she earned an Associate of Science degree in nursing.

person struggling with both depression and addiction

The Link Between Depression and Addiction

By Nancy Burgess

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What Drugs Do to the Brain

By Nancy Burgess

Drug addiction is controlled by the brain and is generally a chronic and relapsing disease. Here's a look at the mental and phy... Continue Reading

steps to sobriety

6 Steps to Help Maintain Sober Living

By Nancy Burgess

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What Are Stimulants?

By Nancy Burgess

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Amyl Nitrite is commonly associated to the nitrate medicines and it is used by inhalation to relieve the pain of angina attacks... Continue Reading

rehab group

Drug rehabilitation can be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending upon the individual addict's circumstances and conditio... Continue Reading

broken meth sign

A Closer Look at Meth Treatment

By Nancy Burgess

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Mescaline Effects

By Nancy Burgess

Mescaline, a member of the phenethylamine family of drugs, is an illicit hallucinogenic drug. Mescaline has a risk for abuse an... Continue Reading

guys doing meth

An Examination of Meth Addiction

By Nancy Burgess

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recovering addict participating in group therapy

The Pros and Cons of Inpatient Rehab

By Nancy Burgess

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