Leia Rivera

Leia Rivera is currently a sophomore student at Georgia State University. Formerly a dancer, she has struggled with eating disorders, depression, and anxiety since the age of nine. She is currently recovered, and looks forward to finishing her degree and achieving a future.

The most common cases of Xanax overdose are found when taken with alcohol.

Why You Shouldn't Mix Xanax with Alcohol

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CBT vs. DBT: Is One Better Than the Other?

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Behind-the-Scenes of Self-Harm: What People Don’t Know

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4 Types of Social Media Posts That Trigger Eating Disorders

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Woman suffers from anorexia

The Effects of Anorexia on the Body

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The Purple Drink: How “Lean” Affects the Body

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What to Do When You Have No One to Turn To

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Selena Gomez on the red carpet

Selena Gomez Introduces “DBT” to the Public

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5 Signs That It’s Time to Get Help NOW

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