Donn Gruta

Donn Gruta is the Content Editor for SoberRecovery. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in marketing at California State University, Long Beach where she served the university newspaper for three years. On her spare time, she enjoys food adventures, hiking with friends and living a life of gratitude.

Grammy Award-Winning DJ 'Avicii' Found Dead at 28

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Avicii is a Grammy-award winning artist from Sweden and is best known for songs including "Wake Me Up," "Hey Brother," and "Lev... Continue Reading

Cris Carter

Recovery Hero of the Week: Cris Carter

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"I lost my job. The Philadelphia Eagles released me, and then subsequently the Minnesota Vikings claimed me and they demanded t... Continue Reading

Man enjoys his own company as he indulges in guitar hobby

A Lifelong Courtship: 4 Steps to Enjoying Your Own Company

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While it's wonderful to have another person cherish you on this holiday, the most important relationship to have is still the o... Continue Reading

Mother carries child on sling while preparing dinner and talking on the phone

It's Hard Enough As a Woman, Recovery Shouldn't Be Harder

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Women, pregnant women and women with dependent children have so many responsibilities that keep them away from addiction recovery. Continue Reading

10 Inspirational Muhammad Ali Quotes That Apply to Recovery

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Buprenorphine: The Drug That Could Have Saved Prince

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11 Quotes About Addiction From Notable Figures

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Marc Jacobs

8 People in Fashion Who Struggled with Addiction

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It's not all glitz and glamour off the runway. These 8 designers and models have felt the pangs of addiction in the height of b... Continue Reading