Cynthia Adeniyi

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Cyndy Adeniyi is a psychotherapist in private practice at Out of the Woods Counseling, which provides faith-based life coaching, publications, and workshops. She has worked in a variety of social services and mental health settings since 1999 to help individuals and families experience emotional and spiritual healing. She believes in the great potential of today's youth, families, and entire communities and fights to see that great potential blossom.  Cyndy received her Doctorate in Ministry with a concentration in Family Therapy from Amridge University, and her Master's in Counseling Ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has gained specialized experience and training in assisting those overcoming trauma, including child sexual abuse. Cyndy’s approach is primarily from a cognitive-behavioral perspective that has been heavily influenced by family theories and approaches. She is experienced in seamlessly integrating faith into the healing process.

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