Audrey Beim

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Audrey Beim holds two advanced degrees from major universities, including a Master's Degree in Psychology. She has over 20 years of experience in the health, wellness, nutritional and fitness categories and has used her expertise to write articles for media outlets such as Linfield Media and

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person sitting beside wall using smartphone

A recent study revealed that compulsive social media activity is predicted by some of the same characteristics of alcohol abuse. Continue Reading

Person with several alcoholic beverages

Not only does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report an estimated 88,000 preventable alcohol-related death... Continue Reading

Exercise as part of an overall addiction recovery plan

Can Regular Exercise Cure Addiction?

By Audrey Beim

According to recent research, exercise helps with various physical health issues and prevents relapse. Could a physical activit... Continue Reading

Two boys sit playing video games at a convention, unaware of the dangers of gaming disorder.

Gaming Disorder: A New Addiction

By Audrey Beim

New technology isn't the only emerging trend in gaming. The World Health Organization (WHO) now classifies video-game addiction... Continue Reading

A group of woman exercise together in a group dance class during their addiction recovery.

Exercise is medicine during addiction recovery. Here are 7 activities you can do outside of a gym that are almost too fun to be... Continue Reading

A woman sits by a pool practicing mindfulness techniques to stave off cravings for drugs and alcohol.

How Mindfulness Curbs Addictive Cravings

By Audrey Beim

Studies prove mindfulness is beneficial to your health, but can it also lessen your cravings for drugs and alcohol? Continue Reading

A cuddling couple uses craft treatment techniques while interacting.

CRAFT: An Alternative to Drug Intervention

By Audrey Beim

Here's all you need to know about CRAFT, an option for family and friends of addicts who refuse to get help. Continue Reading

An alcoholic grips his beer belly.

5 Proven Ways Beer Ruins Your Health

By Audrey Beim

A compilation of evidence that demonstrates the many ways beer impacts your body and mind. Continue Reading

Here are some of the reasons individuals may cite for choosing not to enter a rehabilitation program.

The so-called 'practical reasons' that the addicted mind refers to in order to avoid treatment are simply rationalizations to d... Continue Reading