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Alcohol Addiction: Facts And Myths

Sometimes myths float around for years having everyone convinced of their legitimacy, even though they are terribly wrong or in... Continue Reading

Alcohol Blackout: Types Of Alcoholic Blackouts, How They Work, and Consequences

Alcoholic blackouts can range from being mildly annoying to life threateningly dangerous. Do you know the facts? Read on to lea... Continue Reading

Should Non-Alcoholics Be Allowed In AA? Bill Wilson, The Founder Replies In This Audio

The question of whether a non-alcoholic should be allowed in AA has been a question causing debate for over 70 years. Bill Wil... Continue Reading

Facts About Men And Addiction

Here are the facts about men and substance use and addiction: 1. SAMHSA studies (1996 and 2000) have found that the vast major... Continue Reading

3 Types of Drinkers - Social Drinker, Alcohol Abuse, or Alcoholic

Most people who consume alcohol don't have any problem with it. However, if a problem does occur, usually the problems begin to... Continue Reading

Addiction: What in the World is a Biopsychosocial Disease?

One of the fascinating things about studying addiction is that nobody can agree on a definition.The biopsychosocial model of lo... Continue Reading

The Opposite of Sober: A Look at the 12-Steps in Reverse

What is the opposite of sober? Simple antonyms are drunk, inebriated, intoxicated. But abstinence is but one part of being sobe... Continue Reading

Dangers of Cough Medicine Abuse: Robo-Tripping

Robo-tripping and cough medicine abuse is a growing problem. According to a recent NIDA study involving 48,000 students, of the... Continue Reading

Am I Stupid, Or Is This List Of The 18 Most Addictive Drugs All Mixed Up?

"In Health" magazine asked a panel of experts to rank commonly used drugs by their potential for addiction. Two factors were us... Continue Reading

Marijuana: Just The Truth, A Marijuana Education Video

Marijuana studies have shown that the regular use of marijuana may play a role in cancer and problems of the respiratory, immun... Continue Reading

Chemo Brain and Addiction Recovery

Chemo brain is an emerging topic that relates to memory loss or cognitive dysfunction in those that have under gone chemotherap... Continue Reading

Is Alcohol Considered a Drug?

Alcohol is often mentioned in one breath with drugs, especially when the subject is alcohol abuse or drug addiction. More often... Continue Reading

family struggling with grief

4 Ways Grief Can Be Treated by Mental Health Professionals

By Liemann Valdimar

Prolonged and excessive grief can impair someone's life and lead to maladaptive behaviors. Continue Reading

Friend offers alcohol

Common Root Issues for Addiction

By Dominica Applegate Dominica Applegate has worked in the mental health field for 12 years before launching her own business as a writer. She earned her Master's in Counseling from Liberty Universit

People think addiction is the root problem causing significant issues in life, but there are often underlying problems that led... Continue Reading

Is Your Loved One an Addict?

By Angel W. Abott

Addiction is a diagnosed disease that alters the brain functions of an addict. Obsessive thoughts of using drugs and extraordin... Continue Reading

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