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Get all the information you need about drugs and drug abuse here. From drug types to treatment options, we break everything down for you to a science.

meth lab

Meth 2.0: Volatile Drug Takes Even Deadlier Form

By Dawn Hurley

Many prognosticators fear that Meth 2.0 will continue the societal destruction caused by the evergrowing opioid epidemic. Continue Reading

3D image of a human heart

Study Shows MDMA Increases the Risk of Valvular Heart Disease

By Nicole Arzt

Emerging research now shows a significant relationship between serotonergic and dopaminergic substances and valvular heart dise... Continue Reading

woman struggling with Tardive Dyskinesia

What to Know About Tardive Dyskinesia

By Nicole Arzt

TD can be a side effect of neuroleptic and antipsychotic medications used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder,... Continue Reading


Syphilis on the Rise: A Byproduct of Meth and Heroin Abuse

By Rebecca Kovacs

Researchers attribute the rise in syphilis cases to risky sex behaviors while under the influence, and a spike in the number of... Continue Reading

kratom leaves, capsules, and tea

Recent Increase in Overdose Deaths Linked to Kratom

By Rebecca Kovacs

Kratom has been used for hundreds of years as a pain reliever. However, this popular drug is beginning to make its presence kno... Continue Reading

man coping with an impulse control disorder

Treatment for Parkinson’s May Cause Impulse Control Disorders

By Rebecca Kovacs

Studies show a link between dopamine agonists and impulsive behavior for those coping with Parkinson's disease. Continue Reading

young woman experiencing a psychotic episode

How Adderall Abuse Can Lead to Psychosis

By Nicole Arzt

The impact on one's psychological functioning is just one of many consequences of Adderall misuse. Continue Reading

person holding sleeping pills

How Sleeping Aids Can Lead to Substance Abuse

By Nicole Arzt

Do you need sleeping aids to rest? If so, you're not alone! Continue Reading

vietnam war soldiers and their addiction recovery

What the Vietnam War Teaches Us About Addiction

By Tess Chedsey

Aside from access to drugs in Vietnam, the U.S. military also proffered soldiers with drugs that helped them stay alert and pus... Continue Reading

recovering addict staring at a broken mirror

Is the Addict Still the Same Person?

By Elizabeth Seward

It’s not uncommon to believe addiction has turned a loved one into a different person. Continue Reading

recovering addict looking at a bulletin board

10 Things a Normie Doesn’t Understand About Addiction

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

There are many things about alcoholism and addiction that non-addicts just don’t understand. Continue Reading

How Dopamine Affects the Addictive Brain

By Tess Chedsey

Dopamine, the brain's pleasure center, plays an important dual role in the development of addictive behavior. Continue Reading

active addict consumed by anger

Anger and Addiction: A Deadly Combination

By Patrick Biegler

As addicts, we tend to want to numb emotions like anger by using drugs or alcohol. Continue Reading

A recovering addict takes control of their future.

The Myth That Addicts Have No Control

By Tess Chedsey

Several myths surround addiction, but it's critical to understand the difference between "control" and "will." Continue Reading

teen buys benadryl to abuse

Benadryl: A Potentially Deadly “Legal” High

By Jennifer Wezensky

Benadryl, an antihistamine typically used to relieve allergy symptoms, is a commonly abused medication that can be purchased at... Continue Reading

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