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Getting Help

How My Third Trip to Rehab Became My Final One

By Rebecca Kovacs

We always remember those last moments, the ones that define us. My last time in rehab was what turned my life around for the be... Continue Reading

3 Biggest Fears I Had About Getting Sober

By Nina Bradshaw

Fear is a painful and difficult emotion to deal with. It took me an awful long time to face mine, and it has been an arduous pr... Continue Reading

The Pros of Going to a Detox Center Far Outweighs the Cons

By Rebecca Kovacs

Many people fear that quitting drugs or alcohol means going through an agonizing transitional phase. But in reality, proper tre... Continue Reading

Why Recovery Is Not a Matter of Willpower

By Tess Chedsey

Contrary to popular belief, an eyes-on-the-prize mindset is not the ultimate key to a successful long-term recovery. Continue Reading

Timing is Everything: The Minute Recovery Finally Clicked for Me

By Rebecca Kovacs

Sometimes, it takes a different way of thinking for rehab to finally work for someone. Continue Reading

6 Practical Baby Steps That Gets You Into Treatment

By Joanne Chu

We spoke to Dr. Jantz at the conference where he breaks down this daunting task into 6 practical baby steps. Continue Reading

person thinking about getting help for addiction

5 Signs That It’s Time to Get Help NOW

By Leia Rivera

In general, there are several events along the way that lead to this moment, some being easier to recognize than others. Continue Reading

What to Do When Insurance Doesn't Cover You

By Leia Rivera

Recovery is not easy, especially when you do not have your insurance to assist you financially with the care that you need. It ... Continue Reading

Woman reflects on her fears about getting sober

10 Fears that Addicts May Have When Seeking Treatment

By Toshia Humphries

In order to prevent letting your fears rule your life, it’s important to learn to recognize them when they come so you can figh... Continue Reading

How Do Moms Get Treatment?

By Audrey Beim

If you’re a mom who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you understand firsthand how devastating addiction can be and how challeng... Continue Reading

Person's ego gets in the way of recovery

Your Ego is in the Way of Help

By Toshia Humphries

An overactive ego is far too often the reason why many addicts remain active in their addiction and refuse to get help. Continue Reading

Woman hopes to land at the right rehab center

5 Tips on Finding a Rehab That’s Right For You

It’s important to take the necessary steps in finding what fits and what doesn’t before signing up for treatment. Continue Reading

Grieving Over One's Addiction

By Toshia Humphries

An addict's relationship with drugs and alcohol is an intimate one. In fact, with regard to an active addict, it is likely the ... Continue Reading

Mother carries child on sling while preparing dinner and talking on the phone

It’s Hard Enough As a Woman, Recovery Shouldn’t Be Harder

By Donn Gruta

Women, pregnant women and women with dependent children have so many responsibilities that keep them away from addiction recovery. Continue Reading

Man determined to get sober

The Role of Self-Reliance in Recovery

By Dominica Applegate

When it comes to recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction, it’s normal to wonder if you have what it takes to stay sober for ... Continue Reading