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Let the healing power of nature and our skilled, caring staff help you find recovery from addiction.

Learn to let go, be present, and embrace recovery. Nature is the great healer and we are surrounded by Nature’s best.  Here, healing and growth happen in a way that other treatment centers simply cannot facilitate. Our expert staff will help you face your addiction and all that is behind it, and in the beauty of the surroundings and the caring of the community you will find restorative peace. You will not find a more serene, healing place than Top of the World Ranch.

Our holistic program will be tailored for you. We are unusual in that we offer traditional therapies such as one to one counseling, group therapy, psycho-educational programs, family program, and aftercare counseling as well as nontraditional experiential programming, fortification, outdoor day excursions, yoga, tai chi, equine therapy, music, art, spirituality, and mindfulness.  We have mountain bikes, snow shoes, skis, skates, canoes, kayaks, a meditation labyrinth, a viewing tower, a First Nations-led sweat lodge experience, a Kairos art house, a 12 Step trail, relapse prevention circle, and many peaceful trails and areas that foster healing and growth. 

Live a full, happy, and sober life. Planning for how to stay sober for the rest of your life starts the first week you arrive at Top of the World Ranch, and the support follows you after you leave. With pre-arranged counselling sessions in the community, tele-counseling check-ins with our continuing care coordinators, support meetings, and connections to others, you’ll be on the road to lasting recovery.

We offer Detoxification and residential stays of 30, 45, 60, and 90 days. Please visit our website for more details.