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Simple Recovery, in partnership with our clients, creates a single, undeniable focus: internalizing the drive to recover from active addiction and establish a healthy, meaningful life. No one who walks through our doors is a number. Every client is an individual and every treatment program is individualized. It’s about getting personal with clients and getting clients involved in their treatment plans. The result is a treatment that doesn’t feel like treatment. One-size-fits-all solutions have no place at Simple Recovery.

We can throw industry jargon at you such as providing evidenced-based methods of treating alcoholism and drug addiction — which we do. Or, that we practice a combination of the most current therapeutic interventions and historically proven modalities — which we also do. But it boils down to a remarkable staff. Many at Simple Recovery have the first-hand experience in recovery. Perspective is remarkably different when you’ve walked in your clients’ shoes.

Moreover, we hire for clinical and experiential diversity. Our client-to-staff ratio allows for personal, meaningful interaction. We meet the needs of clients at their own pace. We know how courageous it is just to show up. “If you won’t quit, we won’t quit on you“ is the prevailing attitude at Simple Recovery.