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Serenity Vista is an exceptional, yet affordable luxury private alcohol & drug rehab in a get-away, tropical Caribbean paradise destination. You will receive the highest quality, evidence-based, holistic addiction treatment for alcoholism or other drug addiction. Serenity Vista accepts a maximum of 6 guests meaning you will receive individual attention in a non-institutional, comfortable setting. Having grown from Canadian roots, Serenity Vista is rated among the world’s best rehabs and addiction treatment facilities. The staff is comprised of US and Canadian addiction professionals passionate about helping you achieve your goals. You will learn to live a full, healthy life with balance, meaning and purpose. This private program is highly individualized, comprehensive in scope, holistic in nature, and, most importantly, highly effective.  

The Serenity Vista program is comprehensive with a solution focus and a whole life perspective. You will not only learn about living in the solution of addiction recovery, but also have fun enjoying outdoor recreation and adventure in a tropical, natural setting. You will experience a personal journey of insight and self-discovery that yields the changes you are looking for in your life. You will learn important recovery concepts, be guided through the important work of healing, and develop new life-living skills. By the completion of your program, you will experience a never-before optimism and excitement about your new, dynamic life in sobriety. You will not only learn to stop drinking or using other drugs, you will go much further and deeper for lasting, permanent change that will impact your life, career, and family. You will experience a total holistic transformation of body, mind, and spirit. You will know happiness, peace and joy, and finding meaning and purpose in your life.

Insurance: No. Private pay

Financing: Yes, via Medicard (Canada) or MyTreatmentLender (USA)