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Almost 3 decades years ago, The Freedom Model Retreats were the first to develop a completely non 12 Step approach with  a bed and breakfast atmosphere. All our guests are treated as respected individuals without the stigma of addiction, the use of other damaging labels, or any use of 12 Step techniques or philosophies.

Most of our guests come to us believing they failed to find a long term solution for their substance use issues when, in fact, treatment has failed them. 92% of our guests have been to some form of treatment before arriving at The Freedom Model Retreats, often several times, and with various methods. Our approach caters to the independent thinking individual who is ready to end addiction now and forever. Our guests are ready to live a life free of an endless cycle of relapse, recovery, and lifelong treatment. They know, or come to realize, that they are in charge of all their life choices, including addiction. Our system works with all age groups ranging from teens to emerging and midlife adults and  senior citizens. Whether a guest has never been to treatment or has been to many programs and centers, our self-directed approach can help.

Unlike treatment centers, our approach has a definite time limit and costs are all-inclusive. Our guests know when they arrive the exact date of their departure and there are never any surprise or additional costs at the end of their stay. The retreat stay includes The Freedom Model system with optional and elective choices, all meals, activities, and the guest’s choice of retreat and accommodations. Guests completely control their investment by determining the retreat house experience and length of stay that best fits their needs for their best outcome. 

Come experience the serenity of our retreat locations as you refocus your life and choices. Invest in yourself and find the permanent solution you are seeking.