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Nova Recovery Center offers long-term addiction treatment programs for men and women in recovery and specializes in assisting clients who are struggling with chronic relapse. Programs include detox, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, sober living, personal monitoring, and aftercare. For each level of treatment, a multidisciplinary team comprised of clinical counselors, board-certified psychiatrists, medical professionals and recovery specialists collaborate to provide a comprehensive and individualized recovery program for each client.

Robust recovery programs are based on the principles of the 12-step program and incorporate a balanced blend of clinical and medical approaches with evidence-based treatment modalities to provide the best opportunity for lifelong sobriety. Peer support groups provide social reinforcement of sobriety principles and individual counseling offers intensive one-on-one care in a safe and confidential setting. Not only do clients receive affordable and high-quality addiction treatment at Nova, but they also enjoy luxurious amenities in a comfortable and tranquil home-like environment.