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Foundations Atlanta offers comprehensive integrated treatment for addiction and mental health conditions, and our patients learn the skills and solutions that will help them integrate recovery into their everyday lives. We approach substance abuse as a disease, a belief that permeates everything we do. As a result, we treat our patients with the same dignity and respect afforded to anyone else in need of treatment, creating a supportive atmosphere where people are viewed as individuals.

Outpatient treatment offers a special opportunity for patients to start or reaffirm their recovery in a real-world setting. Acquiring the tools and education to sustain recovery long-term is a key facet of outpatient treatment, and our programs allow patients to process their thoughts with treatment professionals and peers as they continue to lay the foundation for a renewed life in sobriety. Whether you have just graduated from a residential program, you’ve been in recovery for years and would like to recommit to the process, or you’re just beginning to learn about what a life in recovery would mean for you, we can help. Our supportive staff at multiple locations will meet you where you are and will ensure that you feel encouraged and equipped for your individual journey.