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The Florida House Experience is a nationally accredited drug and alcohol treatment facility. Our national and statewide accreditations include The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, The Department of Children and Families, and the Better Business Bureau.

Whether this is your first time seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction, or you have a long and difficult history of either chronic relapse or ineffective traditional or medicinal treatments, our medically integrated Neuro-Rehabilitative program can work for you!
  • Discover the parts of your brain that are adversely affected by addiction
  • Personalize your treatment plan to fit your specific needs
  • Track your progress over the course of your stay with us
  • Train your brain to live free of drugs and alcohol
We firmly believe that any substance use or mental health disorder diagnosis should be quantifiable, not just based on a list of symptoms, and that the recommended treatments for them must be proven effective.