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Experience Recovery withdrawal management services are provided in a residential setting allowing clients to recover in a peaceful, home-like atmosphere. A wide range of withdrawal management services are organized within a comprehensive therapeutic environment that includes diagnostic determination, individual withdrawal management plans, psychiatric consultations if needed, medication education, individual counseling, individualized treatment planning, client advocacy, referral to community providers and discharge planning. Services are provided by licensed/certified clinicians and medical professionals.

Detoxification from opioids without pharmacological support afterwards remains the dominant model of treatment despite decades of experience and evidence to the contrary. Upon completion of detox, Experience Recovery believes that it is necessary to teach the skills to cope with cravings and life challenges without drugs. During the residential portion of treatment, the individual will begin to learn the skills needed to live drug free. Experience Recovery understands opioid dependence and medications may need to be extended in all phases of treatment. Treatment will focus on recovery, and the many ways it can be reached.

Once a client is stabilized and meets criteria for a less intensive level of care they can seamlessly move to our Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient care. It is the belief of Experience Recovery that treatment should be a smooth transition and not each level of care a separate entity. All of the services offered are evidenced based and trauma informed care.