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The Canadian Centre for Addictions is a residential treatment facility, Toronto alcohol rehab centre, and Toronto drug rehab centre specializing in helping those who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs learn the skills required to successfully live an alcohol and drug free lifestyle. Also provides medically monitored detox with all treatment programs.

Recognizing that addiction negatively impacts every aspect of an individual’s life, the Canadian Centre for Addictions provides a client centered approach, where together with the client our clinical team of addiction counselors and therapists work to create a recovery program that best suits the individual’s unique needs. 

Here at the Canadian Centre for Addictions, we believe that the successful recovery from addiction involves integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of the addicted person’s life. This is accomplished by providing a range of programs and services, which includes one on one counseling, group therapy, an introduction to meditation, physical exercise, and participation in outside activities, which promote an alcohol and drug free lifestyle. 

As substance abuse adversely affects significant others in the addicted person’s life support for families, friends, and employers is included as part of the treatment program.On completion of the residential program, aftercare services are in place to ensure our clients make a seamless transition to an alcohol and drug free lifestyle.