woman possessed by spirits

The Dark Truth About Alcohol: They Don't Call It Spirits for Nothing


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woman possessed by spirits

Those of us in recovery (and even most still active in addiction) are aware of the havoc alcohol wreaks on the body, mind and spirit. However, the latter is impacted more than most know, as there is a darker truth about alcohol and what it does to the soul.

Alcohol carries a low vibrating energy, or negative energy. It leaves users open to attracting the same low-end, negative, and possibly even dark energies. It not only depresses the physical and mental aspects of the holistic system by decreasing inhibitions, slowing the central nervous system and lowering the immune system – but also lowers the spiritual immune system.

They don’t call alcohol spirits for nothing.

Spiritual Immune System

Our spiritual immune system is much like our physical immune system. Physical immunities need to be strong to keep us from contracting illnesses or disease. Likewise, we must keep our spiritual immune system at optimal functioning to prevent us from attracting negative or lower energies. And, just as a strong physical immune system allows our bodies to quickly clear out and fight off any foreign bodies (i.e., viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) that enter, a strong spiritual immune system allows us to do the same with regard to foreign energies.

Spiritual immunities include the ability to sense lower energies that might be toxic, oppressive, or even parasitic. They help you guard your Sacred Space, which is the environment within and around you. Alcohol and mind altering substances weaken these spiritual immunities, along with our inhibitions, making us vulnerable to negative energies. Ultimately, addiction disrupts our spiritual growth.

Feeling Negative Energy of Spirits

Negative or lower energies can feel like depression, anxiety or other mood disorders and mental illnesses, including suicidality and addiction. As such, these energies negatively alter mood and behavior quite rapidly and feed off any resulting fears or increased negativity. Eventually, they destroy our ability to stay connected to ourselves and loved ones and our pursuit of achieving our dreams. For instance, intoxicated individuals often experience a rapid shift in behavior. People who aren’t usually reckless with their own safety or that of others become so under the influence of alcohol. This is one reason alcoholism (and addiction of any kind) was at one time seen as demonic possession.

Though it isn’t true that someone struggling with alcoholism is actually in need of an exorcism, the notion that alcoholism comes with a host of dark attachments is not a farfetched one. After all, they don’t call alcohol spirits for nothing.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse, please visit our directory of treatment centers or call 800-772-8219 to start the path to recovery today.

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