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Love IS Our Superpower: 3 Ways to Activate the Power of Love


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heart in front of a sunset

When we enter into recovery, we are not merely recovering from our addictions and the impact they've had on our lives and holistic health. We are quite literally entering into a search and recovery mission with regard to searching for truth and recovering our authentic selves.

That truth we seek isand has always beenwithin us. It's not within the walls of treatment or recovery meetings that we will first find the truth but, rather, within ourselves. In fact, the first step we take toward recovery is an act of self-love, and it spurs us into further acts of self-love that remind us where love originateswithin us. After all, that is where God, our Higher Power, the Universe, and/or our Higher Self exists.

For those of us in recovery, love is a powerful force that lives within us and merely awaits activation.

Religions teach that God is Love. As such, Love is Godit is a powerful force that lives within us and merely awaits activation.

To expound further, here are 3 ways to activate the superpower that is love.

Love Thyself, First

The minute we pursue some form of recoveryand thereby actively begin to love ourselveswe activate our superpower. It's at that moment we can begin to see everything and everyone through the eyes of Lovethe eyes of God, our Higher Power, Higher Self, and/or the Universe, itself. But, we must first see ourselves in this way.

Living in the absence of Love for self (like that which is experienced in active addiction or codependency) denies us that superpower and the ability to change the way we see ourselves and the world around us. It blocks our ability to change our current circumstances and the world around us. So, doing the deep healingthe work that addresses our painful experiences, traumas, and aspects of our lives and ourselves that have been denied love by ourselves and othersis vital for both the activation of our superpower and successful recovery.

Raise the Vibration

Simply removing the substances from our bodies implies that the substances, alone, are the reasons we struggle. For this reason, recovery programs typically address the person and not merely the addiction. And, because we are not one-dimensional beings and maintain many aspects of beingphysical, emotional, mental, and spiritualwe must address all aspects to fully recover our authentic self.

Raising our vibration is one way to begin attending to and nurturing the spiritual aspect of ourselves. In accordance with loving ourselves, we must remove ourselves from toxic, negative, or low energies. In other words, as we raise our standards of living, we must also raise our energetic vibration.

Center into the Heart

Of course, it is not always easy for us to be aware of what serves our soul and what doesn’t. In fact, if we have just entered into recovery, the idea of self-awareness is a foreign one. So, spiritual (or energetic) awareness is a concept that may seem outlandish.

However, if we center into our hearts and connect to our inner selfthe wounded child withinwe can begin to feel those emotions we have suppressed for so long through means of our addictions. We can start to become aware of our energiesthe negative, positive, and possibly even toxic energies we carry due to our healed and unhealed wounds.

As we familiarize ourselves with our energies, the energies around us (attached to people, places, experiences, things, etc.) will become more clear. Then, we can begin to take steps to clear the energy that no longer resonates with us and seek that which does by first becoming and, therefore, attracting the energy we wish to experience.

I’d bet money that energy is love, as Love is indeed our superpower.

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